What’s Your Next Move? Make It Count…

Positive murmurs abound this week with glimmers of hope of a potential vaccine to manage the devastation of Covid19. This injection of positivity is surely bringing much-needed confidence to the word of business, albeit tentative.

We are certainly seeing this at our Business Centres in Bray and Maidenhead, where both old and new tenants are not only talking positively, but taking positive actions for their business.  In conversation with one colleague this week, who was admiring a US firm that has ‘smashed it’ by staying true to their strong leadership style and keeping a focus on solid business sense, despite the pandemic and the resulting economic impact, we debated change in terms of evolution v change for change sake.

In considering the various sides to this discussion, I came across an article written back in 2011 which highlights the top 10 challenges for CEOs.  Interestingly, the article touches on managing those items alongside “other interruptions, distractions, and issues”.  I wonder if at that time the author ever considered such a globally catastrophic situation?

Still a good short read with some practical (and some amusing) advice for leaders in business.


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