Return To Work – How Flexible Office Services can benefit your business in this new COVID world

As the latest challenges of a COVID world unfold, how to implement a return to work is one of the big questions for most businesses. An immediate shift towards the more flexible solutions on offer in the office industry is an imperative part of the solution whilst businesses work on their long term strategies to manage their workforce and productivity.

The Covid-19 workplace risk assessment inevitably results in considerable overlay provisions and costs to meet 2m spacing, back-to-back or side-side seating, reduced use of communal space, controlled traffic flows, prominent signage, protective screens, contactless surfaces and increased cleaning.  These implications, along with PPE provision and the development and implementation of new policies to support the new way of working, are taking their toll on many, at a time when many business are already struggling to keep their heads above the water.

Don’t panic.  There are alternatives which may resolve both the immediate challenge, or indeed offer longer term solutions, whilst future strategies are considered.  

Redirecting portions of your employee base – splitting your team:

For those businesses who believe their employees benefit from, and are more productive in an office environment, but are committed to an office space that will no longer accommodate the same number of people, outsourced COVID-ready dedicated office space on a flexible (i.e. short-term) basis may be the answer.  Extending your ‘workplace’ to a temporary ‘overflow’ may well save time and money in the long run.

Removing the very real fear of densely populated offices in densely populated locations:

Moving your workforce out of densely populated city locations, mitigating the risks of public transport concerns and crowded environments, may well have some businesses thinking about transitioning some or all of their staff to alternative locations altogether. Not only will this largely eliminate these fears but the business costs outside of the major cities are drastically lower, achieving much needed repositioning of business expenditure.

Working from home:

Reports from various expert sources have raised concerns over the sudden shift to a new way of working remotely, highlighting some alarming psychological effects and a drastic reduction in productivity.  These concerns are echoed to some extent from conversations within business communities around the country. 

However, it does not have to be a negative story.  

Whilst there are now all sorts of tips and guides on how to set oneself up for success when working from home (especially if this is a new way of working) one very practical solution is to create a balance, rather than pretend you can manage a busier than ever home with kids, parents, and pets all wanting attention while you try to work within the same space.  

Now, more than ever, time and space for thinking and working is critical.  Whilst returning to the office full time is not possible for many, taking one or two days a week in a safe, quiet, dedicated space to achieve order and focus is a very realistic solution, be it for the short or longer term.

Virtual meetings:

Whilst the latest online collaborative and conferencing platforms have proven invaluable through these challenging weeks and months, competition for quiet space and secure, robust internet availability are becoming a daily issue as competing needs conflict in our homes.

A private space to conduct an important Zoom or Teams call; a safe space to meet and discuss important matters face to face (side by side or across a safe screen) are all becoming possible ways to reinvigorate business progress.

The luxury of a safe meeting space may well be in reach.

At Bray Business Centre, we have always been about supporting our SMEs and our local community and never more so than today.  We are listening to the changing needs and concerns about future commitments in such uncertain times, and we are adapting the use of some of our serviced offices to offer ready-to-go solutions with shorter term commitments.

We offer a range of Virtual Office services, Flexible use of private offices and meeting rooms, Serviced Offices, and larger Leased office spaces on flexible terms to suit all needs. Call us now or complete our Contact Form on our website for more information.

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