Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

By Zeb Kidd


In the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, everything seems to be doom and gloom. But what positivity has been brought into the world since the COVID-19 outbreak and the introduction of lockdown measures?

If you switch on the news, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to escape the dreaded ‘C’ word.  I’m sure you’re just as tired of hearing it as we are, which is why we thought we’d share some of the ​good ​ news of late.
Since lockdown was issued by Boris Johnson, there have been a number of silver linings for the British public: watching Joe Exotic and his Tiger Kingdom on Netflix, baking banana bread as if your immunity depended on it and the long awaited return of our beloved pubs.

But now that we’re all permanently repulsed by phrases like, ‘unprecedented times’, ‘new normal’ and ‘furlough’, what other exciting things have happened to make us smile?

Japanese WFH pyjamas

A Japanese creative agency, Whatever, ​ have made the ​perfect working from home pyjamas. Using a split design, ​Whatever ​created the buttoned cotton shirt to cover the neck and shoulders, twinned with a jersey for the body and pyjama bottoms – perfect for those Monday morning Zoom calls!

The Young Generation embrace a new lifestyle

Continuing the ‘healthy lifestyle’ trend, lockdown has encouraged almost a quarter of the UK’s younger generation to eat more fruit and vegetables ​a Mintel ​survey describes. These plant-based alternatives are growing in popularity to replace unhealthy snacking. On top of this, 51% of respondents have a notable belief in the healing power of plants and botanical ingredients. Perhaps all of that banana bread baking had a bigger impact than first thought?

The boom of flexible offices

Following the new social distancing legislations, ​onOffice noted that 71% of UK businesses are planning to permanently adopt the flexible working practises implemented during lockdown. Nearly half of workers in a ​Bright Horizons ​ survey would prefer to adopt a flexible working lifestyle, with 53% believing it would increase their productivity and 58% their loyalty. After growing support for this new working structure, the flexible office boom looks like it is here to stay.

As lockdown starts to slow down, we’re looking forward to welcoming new businesses to our office spaces in Bray. If you’re on the hunt for a flexible office (a private office for a day or two a week) or a permanent serviced office, outside of the hustle and bustle of London, then why not give us a call?

Bray Business Centre has been family run since its inception by the late John Kidd.  Zeb, his grandson, has worked for his Grandfather’s properties on and off for almost a decade and is now spending his time writing articles on relevant and insightful discoveries found through data. Naturally, Zeb wanted to contribute to the legacy left by his Grandfather, so has started to bring some more variety into our blog. As part of a proudly family run business, Zeb looks forward to what the future holds for life at Bray and you can expect to see more of his work in the coming weeks.


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